Never before attempted, The O1 Challenge has been two years in the planning. The vision was to create a global multi-day exclusive event taking some of the world’s most successful, sophisticated and discerning personalities with a passion for speed, adrenaline and toughness on an incredible journey on land, ice, at sea and 20,000ft in the air. For 11 days, competitors will be matched against each other in a series of events created to galvanize their competitive spirits. Open to only 30 contestants worldwide, a top prize of $1 million will be awarded to the overall winner at the end of the multi-discipline, multi-location 11 day competition.

Supplied with some of the most expensive and high performance equipment available on the specialist market, all the contestants will be pushed to their limits in competition grade F1 machines, high performance sports cars, powerboats and military spec: advanced turbo-prop planes. A dog-sleigh challenge, using Siberian huskies, will introduce a more primal element to the competition.

The O1 Challenge was created by Wayne P. Kurtz and Simon Hills, long-term friends and investment managers in a previous life. Highly competitive and sharing a passion for speed and endurance events, they wanted to establish an exclusive experience that would allow participants to immerse themselves in a near constant two week adrenaline fueled environment.

There is nothing better than a highly competitive racing atmosphere to inspire and push oneself amongst their peers.

In every location, Granada, Lapland, Miami and Las Vegas ‘O1’ competitors will experience state-of-the-art facilities, along with specialist teams available at each event, to make sure that the contestants are catered for by ‘competition level’ standards of safety.

Befitting their elite status, all contestants will be transported between the events and across continents in the ‘O1’ private jet, offering bespoke First Class travel. Each and every night will be spent in the best suites at some of the world’s most refined and exclusive hotels.

Simon Hills, President and Co-Founder comments, “This global multi-day exclusive event will take contestants with a passion for power sports on an incredible journey. We have created an experience like no other, pushing all contestants to their individual limits. Each of the five handpicked events will allow contestants to push themselves at their own pace, striving to be ‘The O1 Challenge’ WINNER.