29 February 2016 – 1 March 2016

The final O1 Challenge will be fought out in the skies above the Nevada desert. To make it clear, competitors will be instructed in the skills of air-to-air combat flying. Accompanied in the air by instructors who have each logged thousands of hours of flight time, contestants will take part in ‘G’ inducing air-combat ‘duels’ with a specialist tracking system that will confirm a ‘kill’, complimented by satisfying audio and visual special effects.

Contestants will be expected to control their planes for 90% of the time whilst airborne, sitting alongside their instructors in an Italian SIAI-Marchetti SF 260.

Designed as a trainer and acrobatic aircraft, it continues to be used with Air Forces around the world. With a maximum speed of 237 knots and a service ceiling of 19,000ft, this craft provides a perfect performance envelope for our aces in-waiting.

As with all previous challenges, safety will be paramount. Full classroom briefings will be given and the side-by-side nature of flying the SF 260 means that it is much safer than the more traditional tandem layout normally used. Equipped with the full paraphernalia of a ‘fighter jock’, this will be a fitting finale to the 2016 O1 Challenge.