24 February 2016

For the lucky few who have experienced it, nothing, absolutely nothing can compare with driving an iconic supercar around an ice track in the depths of the Arctic Circle. The O1 Challengers will find themselves in the hot seat, powering 450bhp around a course devised to test drivers in the aggressive, yet delicate, skills associated with rally driving. A timed event, competitors will also be tested on their drifting, slalom and braking techniques.

As with all O1 events, no expense will be spared in providing full driver training. Before the 450bhp supercars, a range of smaller high performance cars will be utilised, including BMW 330ds, 430ds, M135s and X4s.

Mitsubishi and Subaru Group N rally cars will complete the line up. This will prepare all contestants for the unique sensation of driving over ice in high performance cars equipped with racing studs.

A total of 16 different circuits will be utilized, ranging in length from 1-5km. This will ensure that by the time all the O1 Challengers have finished, they will be proficient in all aspects of car (and supercar) control in winter conditions. They will be able to seek out professional racing lines and be confident in the use of the ‘Scandinavian’ flick.