25 February 2016

It is one thing to rely upon the superb mechanical efficiency taken for granted in today’s high performance vehicles to get around a demanding course. It is quite another to take charge of, and depend upon, a team of lively Siberian Huskies weighing 900 pounds. The O1 Husky Challenge will take place around a course in Finland’s far north, across frozen lakes, forested fells and snow-laden landscapes. O1 Challengers will experience perfect isolation within untouched terrain.

Competitors will drive a team of 6 Huskies around a 20km course. They will be responsible for harnessing their own teams in temperatures as low as -20°C, then setting off at timed intervals around the course.

Relying on little more than their innate air of authority, and the relationship that they can establish with their team and crucially with the team leader, competitors are set for an exhausting trial.

The O1 Husky Challenge has been selected to test competitors’ physical prowess and levels of endurance in a way that a speed engineered event cannot. It is the one event where competitors will be tested to their limit on their reserves of self-belief and mental strength. The latter will be more important than any straight-line speed abilities.