21 February 2016 – 22 February 2016

Very few individuals have the strength, stamina, or the ability to pilot a 650bhp Formula One car competitively around a demanding circuit, at speeds up to 190mph, all whilst subjecting their bodies to a constant battery of strain, heat and unnatural physical forces.

The F1 Challenge will be a jaw-dropping introduction to the thrills contestants will experience in the days ahead. Competing in teams of five, drivers will be supported by the whole phalanx of a competitive F1 event (pit crews, marshals, and a fully equipped medical unit). They will compete around the world famous Guadix track, a 3km circuit nestled beneath the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, (Granada, Spain) used by World Champion greats such as Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher.

A 750m straight will allow drivers to push pedal to metal, taking full advantage of the superlative power-to-weight ratio of a modern F1 car and allowing them to reach speeds of up to 190mph.

Professional race drivers communicating through headsets will provide full instruction at all times on the track. Contestants will be given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the circuit and high performance racing cars by practising in Formula Renault 2000 cars, capable of 155mph and 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds.