The Challenge

Make History

2016 O1 Challenge is now full.

Please register your interest for 2017’s Challenge.

How it Works

On the evening of Friday 19th February 2016, the 30 chosen contestants will gather for the Challenge dinner, meet their fellow contestants and surreptitiously check out what is likely to be very fierce competition.  The teams will be announced, and participants can start preparing for the arduous 11 day series, which will see the teams fighting it out on land, ice, at sea and 20,000ft in the air.

Have a passion for speed but not for heights…? Fear not. At an extra cost, O1 contestants are welcome to bring along a co-competitor with whom they can split the challenges to suit their personal strengths.

The scoring system is straightforward; points will be awarded mirroring competitors’ performance. Furthermore, in the lead up to each event, competitors will be given clear instructions on the key, point-winning criteria. The winning team in each event will be awarded $50,000 to donate to a charity of their choosing. On Wednesday 2nd March, during the Las Vegas finale, the individual who has accumulated the greatest number of points throughout the challenges will be crowned the inaugural O1 Challenge Champion, take home a checque for $1,000,000 and will gain automatic re-entry to the 2017 O1 Challenge.

This is set to be the most memorable and breathtaking 11-day adventure and with a grand total of $325,000 to be given to charity, as well as a $1,000,000 individual prize, there is everything to play for. The standard entry fee is $175,000 per person. Should a group application be successful, a discount will be provided. Please contact us for more information.


Due to the demanding nature of all events, safety is paramount. A thorough medical examination will be a prerequisite. In addition, there will be a doctor and full medical team at each of the 5 events.

Environmental Awareness

We acknowledge the relative environmental impact associated with all O1 Challenge events. An environmental sustainability plan is currently being developed in cooperation with each of our vendors to address the carbon emissions and other potential environmental impacts associated with all O1 Challenge activities and events.